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Hi, depending on who I am talking to I actually have 4 ways of describing myself

1) New Wineskin Ministry Leader - After graduating from Providence College with a BA in Christian Ministry in 1981, I pastored in 3 different churches for 6 years and then 18 years ago my wife and I planted and continue to pastor Worldshakers Christian Growth Center, a street ministry in Vancouver BC. As well as working locally, we have a minstry team of 6 who travel and do ministry in churches. Prophetic presbytery prayer, training in deliverance and inner healing, Holy Spirit praying and 3rd level music.

2) Underground Sub-culture Ministry Leader. For the past 9 years, I have given leadership to the Underground Railroad (a loose network of ministries to the underground sub-cultures all over North America and Europe. . Here is Andrew Jone's the description of me on the Ooze. For 13 years, Trevor has been ministering among punks, goths, industrials, riot girrls, ravers, skinheads and Canadians. Not that Canadians are to be linked with extreme postmodern subcultures - its just that he lives there. His leadership extends over a network of similar ministries all over Canada and United States called Underground Railroad. Their heartbeat is for the kids on the fringe - the abused and homeless, the wierd, dark, strange kids. The same crowd that Jesus used to prefer. These tribal kids are so mobile and fluid that nothing less than a global network of ministries will work to minister among them. When I was at their roundtable in Cornerstone Festival a few years ago, they were worried about stagnating as a movement. The next year the roundtable swelled to 60 people. Now they are going everywhere, publishing resources, and forming links with Europe. Their family will be traveling around UK this summer looking for other underground ministries to connect up with. I should warn you about Trevor's late night activities when he puts on a kilt, but I will not mention his wild warfare dancing since I always do my best to avoid controversy. What warfare dancing?

3) Granville St. church planter. (This is just new)

At the beginning of 2004, we heard that it was now time to plant the church down on Granville St. (this is something that we had been praying about for years). In July, Daniel, Roger and I, started going down on the Street and praying for divine appointments and did they ever come. We would then pray over people and prophesy into their lives as He led and slowly He is building something that we have started to call "Church in the Street" A number of regulars, many of them struggling street Christians, come each week and we have fellowship and pray with them. The Lord told us that right there in the street we are building the "House of the Lord" and that maybe one day we may move it into a building.

Our vision is to have a center right on Granville St. with a bunch of different rooms,
- The main room, where bands could play and we could have services, hopefully every night.
- The cafe' where people could come and get really cheap food during the day and
- The kitchen where "Mom" and other groups could use the kitchen to prepare the food for taking food to the street ministry.
- A small recording studio, so that people who could never do it otherwise, could record their music.
- A little store to sell, CD's, art work, to-shirts etc.,
- A place to wash up and do some laundry.
- Prayer and ministry rooms where people could come and get prayer, deliverance and healing.
- A place where EFC youth groups from all over the Lower Mainline could come to serve and get their feet wet.

Basically, that the street kids & transients, who come here from all over Canada to Granville St. would find a place of safe haven and not fall prey to the pimps and drug dealers. Also, it is going to be more that just street kids, hopefully it will reflect everyone who is down on Granville St.

4) A long time disciple to an incredible mentor - I have also been personally mentored by pastor Bob Birch for the past 20 years and it was he who invited me to be on the "Watchmen for the Nations" Team when he began it in 1990 and I stayed on it for 6 years, until it became the "Fathers"(which is now led by David Damien).