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January 24, 2007



Oh my. When we were walking up to the house where the basement apartment we are moving into is, the word I got was "hidden". When I saw the place I really had a sense that we were going to have a time to just hide away for a while, maybe to seek a greater intimacy with God and each other, and have a bit of seclusion after a year of being somewhat nomadic. What do you think?

Nan Rouse

Hi there, I just read an article from Al Thomas. How encouraging. From the response of many of my Christian friends I have felt like I was the only one in a cave. I should have known better I suppose. My husband and I aren't yet released from the cave of hiding we are in. The Holy Spirit told us He would thrust us out....so I'm waiting to get thrusted (smile) Thanks so much for your encouraging word.

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